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Consulting with a tattoo artist at a tattoo shop is the first step before getting a tattoo. It generally takes around 15 minutes for the tattoo consult where the client and the tattoo artist discusses placement, size and quote. This is where Primitive tattoo shop in Perth differs. The artists needs detailed information which will allow him/her to prepare a custom tattoo for the tattoo appointment.

Is he/she right tattoo artist for you?  

We advise that whist checking the tattoo studio, you check out the artist’s portfolio and studio feedback and compare. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices as a tattoo is for life. The bitterness of a poor quality tattoo will long outlast the quality of a good job so do your research well. You definitely want to choose a tattoo artist who has an excellent line work and a good portfolio. Though the most important thing is to make sure that you like their work and designs. Their style and artistic ability should complement what you like to get. For instance, asking a tattoo artist who specializes in skulls and daggers to create a photo-realistic tattoo isn’t going to work out. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a favourable specialists artist who has the kind of work you are looking for in their portfolio.
If you are still doubtful, visit us and our front desk will assist you as we see a lot of tattoos daily know the suitable artists for your tattoo of choice. Tell us what you want and we will help you achieve your desired tattoo.

Important Things to Discuss

The most important thing to discuss during the consultation is what you would like to get. Show and discuss with the artist, the type of tattoo you you like to get. They will also advise you on other aspects of the process like healing, aftercare and any questions you might have

Finally, Booking a Tattoo Appointment

Once the consultation is complete and quoted, you have the option of booking an appointment to get the tattoo. Most tattoo artists will require a small upfront deposit to confirm the appointment and to commence the custom artwork for you.

At Primitive tattoo shop in Perth, we assist you with a complimentary consult, all you need to do is either call us on 0488828866, message us on messenger or fill up the form on the website (image below)

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