MARC PINTO (Founder – Primitive Tattoo)

Tattoo Specialities: Tebori, Horimono, Freehand, Polynesian

With over 26 years in the tattoo industry, Marc Pinto is recognized as one of the most versatile and best tattoo artist in Perth. He is the founder of Primitive tattoo shop in Perth, since 1998. He has been awarded with multiple accreditation in tattooing and piercing. Marc is best known for his traditional Hand poke Japanese tattooing (also known as Tebori) and related evocative black grey themes. In addition, his work on Polynesian-inspired freehand tattoos has also been mentioned in a number of international publications.

 Inspired by his late grandfather’s stories on Dayaks (the native people of Borneo) and their traditional hand tattooing techniques, Marc got his first tattoo at the age of 15. Since then, he has been travelling far and wide to learn more about life, art, culture, and all of which can be seen in his completely unique take on tattooing.

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Tattoo Specialities: Black & Grey, Realism, 3D, Comic, Graffiti

Dylan is well known for his creativity in the abstract tattoo design niche. To him tattoo art is something which reflects the artistic sense of a tattoo artist. He is specialized in creating custom tattoo design, black grey tattoo, realism tattoo, 3D & comic tattoos. In addition, he can introduce you to the classical tattoo technique merged with abstract custom design style of tattoo art.

With more than 18 years of experience in this industry, Dylan can shape your imagination into a reality with his hard work. Above all, whether it is a simple tattoo design or something unique, he is comfortable with anything. Just share your thoughts with him and he will turn it into a custom design tattoo. If it is your goal to create a signature style tattoo, Dylan is the artist who can fulfill your wishes.

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Tattoo Specialities: Geometric, Dot-work, Mandala, Spiritual

Petra is a passionate and well known tattoo artist, who has been in the tattoo industry for many years. Her dedication towards her work, the creativity, and meticulous attention have made very popular and successful as a tattoo artist. Her portfolio showcase her expertise in different styles of tattooing. She specializes in geometric tattoo, dot-work, mandala tattoo, spiritual tattoo and free hand. Hence, she is comfortable with whatever you bring in to discuss with her.

Being the perfectionist, Petra is continuously evolving and always perfecting her technique and skill set. If you are interested in working with her for your design, you can come to Petra at Primitive Tattoo shop in Perth, Australia.

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Tattoo Specialities: Line work, Neo-Traditional, Dot-work, Colour

Travis has been in the tattoo profession for almost a decade. He is a very strong candidate for any line work, dot work and black work. Tattoo art is not only her profession but also her passion. She enjoys challenging tasks to expand her area of specialization. Along with the Neo-traditional style, she loves to work on anything that is colorful. Travis is originally from Singapore and a part of the Primitive family for several years now.

To get a unique and colourful tattoo design with an extraordinary look, come and meet her at Primitive Tattoo.

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Best tattoo artist in Perth


Tattoo Specialities: Traditional, Line work, Black Grey and Colour

Jake is a talented tattoo artist who is known for his love towards the traditional American style of tattoo art. He is originally from UK, though he has been one with Primitive Tattoo since early 2019. He is a very creative person and loves to come up with new custom tattoo designs. His area of specialization includes traditional style, line work, color tattoo and black & grey tattoo. Come and meet him for your idea of a tattoo, at Primitive Tattoo shop in Perth.

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Specialities: Piercing 

If you have any question about jewelry, pierced body parts or inquiries regarding your plans for first or new body piercing. Come and see our senior body artist for anything related to piercing and dermal.

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Tattoo Specialities: Hand poke

Montaine is our first pick for any hand poke tattoo requirement. She specializes in custom, fun and cute line work tattoos. To experience a unique and wonderful tattoo work, schedule your appointment with Montaine.

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Tattoo Specialities: Religious Realism, Surrealism, Black and Grey, Portraits, Freehand Floral

With over 11 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Bobbi is a master in body art. Being an expert in machine tattooing, she can design anything even beyond your level of imagination. She enjoys challenging herself and loves to explore new styles and designs. She has a broad area of specialization in realism tattoo, realistic tattoo, black grey tattoo, freehand, colourful floral tattoo. Her broad area of specialization and expertise makes her one of the most talented and the best tattoo artist in Perth.

Bobbi carve tattoos with meticulous attention and finishes the task with perfection. To get tattoo from her, book your appointment at Primitive Tattoo shop in Perth.

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Jacob tattoo artist


Tattoo Specialties: Realism

Jacob is known for his creative and custom design tattoo artwork. He follows an exclusive style of realism tattoo, and showcasing the art at its best. His detailed work reflects his creativity, excellence and dedication. Tattooing is not only his passion but loves to dabble in it. Among all the styles of tattooing, Realism tattoo is one of Jacob’s preferred style.

Book your appointment with Jacob at Primitive tattoo shop in Perth and definitely he will meet expectations.

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Tattoo Specialities: Black and Grey, Linework, Neo-Traditional, Cartoons, Colour

Orazio is from Italy and specializes in black and grey tattoo work. Apart from black and grey tattoo, he also works on line-work, neo-traditional, cartoon art and colorful tattoos. He is highly dedicated towards his work, equally enjoys his work.

If you are interested in a custom design tattoo by him, come and visit the best tattoo shop in Perth – Primitive Tattoo Shop