Primitive Tattoo in Perth, is an oasis of calm and creativity. Ours is a contemporary space with a roster of industry-best tattoo artists. The aim is to create unique custom designs and welcome everyone who appreciates tattoos as we do. We pride ourselves for being original & unique, and hope to make your tattooing experience with us, a positive and most memorable.

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Primitive Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in Perth and has been in business since 1998. Throughout the years, we’ve tried to come up with our own unique style. Our focus has always been to provide a wide range of unique styles and we frequently dabble in different tones and textures. We also deal in classics and more elaborate tattoo designs, perfect for those who are looking for more than just simple pieces. Our delicate tattoo work, which feature traditional styles and captivating designs, have already helped us made our mark in Perth, and we strive to advance the art form even further.

Having a deep understanding and respect for the tradition allows us at Primitive Tattoo to blend the old school with the new, thereby allowing our craft to adapt to modern times. Ours is a versatile tattoo shop in Perth and we take pride on our intensive mastery on all tattoo forms. Our team of tattoo artists are the best tattoo artists in Perth and are committed to providing you with the best art and custom tattoo designs.

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At Primitive tattoo shop in Perth, we remain focused on integrity and quality, even as our team continues to grow in size and reputation. We are committed to artistic excellence and one-of-a-kind custom pieces. No matter what your vision is, we will turn it into a work of art, you’ll proud to wear it forever. Our mission is to provide superior, all custom, varied artwork to all – a notable departure from common place tattoos seen at many places.

Primitive Tattoo offers a positive and inviting environment. We’ve built a strong reputation and work towards providing a tattoo that you would show off for years to come. Our custom design tattoo shop in Perth is conveniently located and is here to meet your body art needs.

Allow us to make your tattoo experience a comfortable and enjoyable one. Contact us now!

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It was my second one, I had an amazing experience. I told Bobbi what I desire and Bobbi handled the rest part like the colour selection, design all by herself. She is a great artist, and her behaviour is great, 100% recommended who are looking for a perfect tattooRachelDan
I had my very first tattoo over here, and I am pleased with the design. Marc did a fantastic job, I just love it. He took near about 8 hours to complete after it was complete, I was completely blown away by the details and the finishing. Also, the place is very hygienic, highly recommended for those who want to surprise everyone with exceptional tattoo…will visit again for my second tattooRachel
Thank you Primitive Tattoo for the wonderful job. My tattoo is very beautiful and the experience was nice, You matched my expectation, you took what I offered to you and you worked your magic on it. Thank you once again for all you did…Martin
Great experience of having a tattoo from here…Marc Pinto is impressive, he is experienced and a great artist, his passion and dedication for his work will make you consider this place over and over again. I would recommend to anyone who will ask me about having a tattoo. Thank you very much Primitive Tattoo Studio.Brayden
Amazing work! Amazing environment…very friendly in nature…I would love to say that it is the right place to get a tattoo inked. I can assure you that guys here are simply fabulous, getting a tattoo from these guys is worth every penny spent… Would love to visit again.Steffan
Bobbi is an outstanding artist and down to earth person. I did not feel much pain while I was getting inked…she knows her work very well…clean and hygienic..great experience..highly recommended!Devin
Jacob is a gentle and polite person that I come across, he is very friendly and carries a smile on his face all the time. He has several years of experience, so you know what I mean. I recommend him to everyone who likes to get inked or pierced.Diego
Get a perfect tattoo at reasonable prices….plus the studio is very well maintained and has got a nice ambience…best place to get your dream tattoo…thumbs up..highly recommended to everyone seeking a great tattoo.Aaron

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Perth 6000, Western Australia.


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