Featuring some of the best tattoo artists in Perth, Primitive Tattoo Shop boasts a diverse and rotating ensemble of the artist. Here you are sure to feature some of the finest tattoo artist and experienced piercing professionals. It is established in the year 1998. Primitive Tattoo Shop is renowned to be the most respected custom design  tattoo shop in Perth. All of our tattoo artist in Perth is an expert in their style of tattooing. We work our best to make you proud of the tattoo or piercing you walk out with. With tattooing experts lined up in our shop, we make sure that you visit our shop for more tattoo art. Primitive tattoo shop possesses some of the finest and dedicated tattoo artists in Perth who has decades of hands-on experience. We never compromise on quality and try to maintain the highest standards of hygiene at our studio.

Primitive Tattoos Shop offers the best in modern facilities, sterilization equipment, and classic techniques. Our team is led by one of the best tattoo artists in Perth named Marc Pinto, who has expertise in traditional and classic tattoo art. Marc not only leads the team but also guide the newcomers by sharing his decades of experience. Today, Primitive Tattoo Shop is considered the best custom design tattoo shop in Perth with experienced and award-winning world-class tattoo artists. Primitive Tattoo Shop looks forward to making your tattoo art attractive and original while striving to make your experience an enjoyable one. At Primitive Tattoo Shop, we not only create modern tattoo art but we also love to practice and retain our traditional tattoo form.

Our Professional Tattoo Artist in Perth

Our resident tattoo artists in Perth specialize in different tattoo genres and tattoo art including Black & Grey Tattoo, Mandala tattoo, Japanese tattoo, Dragon tattoo, Hand Poke tattoo, Realism tattoo, Realistic tattoo and many more. Primitive Tattoo Shop is a well known and outstanding place for custom design tattoos in Perth. Whether it is a small tattoo, or a custom design tattoo art that requires a few sessions, our tattoo artists in Perth will make it a point to come up with amazing artworks. With over decades of experience in the field of tattoo art and piercing, we have grown in popularity and home to highly talented artists. Our custom design tattoos run the gamut from fine portraits to traditional tattoo art.

We here at Primitive Tattoo Shop believe that tattooing is an art and has to be done as per customer satisfaction. Our Tattoo artist in Perth is renowned to be the world’s best tattoo artist who is capable of sculpturing any tattoo art as per your specifications. At Primitive Tattoo Shop, our mission is to blend the past and future of tattoo as art and strive to advance the art form. No matter the size of your tattoo, be it big or small, we believe tattoos are a big commitment and we are happy to deliver our customers what they deserve to achieve. Our core values and unparalleled dedication has shaped us into the best tattoo shop in Perth, so what are you waiting for contact us today for your very own tattoo art.

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