Tattoos are one of the most unique and creative ways people express their feelings. However, getting a tattoo might not be as easy as it looks. Many thoughts go behind finding the right design of the tattoo; then, you need to find the right tattoo artist and get their appointment. Hence, there is a proper process that goes behind getting a tattoo.

One of the problems people face when they want a tattoo from a famous and best Perth tattoo artist is how they can contact them. The tattoo artists are sometimes so busy that they might not respond on time. Therefore, we will discuss simple ways to contact a cosmetic tattoo Perth artist.

How to Contact Tattoo Artist in Perth?

Following are some straightforward ways to contact and ask a query or book your appointments with the best Perth tattoo artists.

Write an Email:

The first and the most professional way of contacting a tattoo artist is by email. People think messaging and calling a tattoo artist might be easier than emailing them. But you might be mistaken here. The tattoo artist can get so busy with their projects and appointments that they might not have time to pick up your calls. Whereas the messages and DMs are on social media are so much that there is a possibility the artist might not even see your message.

This is why emailing is the best way to reach a tattoo artist. You can write a professional email and state your problem in the subject that will catch the attention of your tattoo artist. Then you can explain your problem and if you want an appointment with them. This will also have a positive impact on your personality. Hence, when you want to contact a tattoo artist, you should email them first.

Leave a message:

Messaging is another way through which you can contact the tattoo artist. The not-so-cheap tattoo Perth artist has appointed people especially for replying to clients’ queries. Therefore, when you have a query or want to know about the appointments, you can message them on the number they have provided, and you can get a positive reply.

Calling the Artist:

Many artists even provide phone numbers to their assistants or the studio phone number where people can call. If your tattoo artist has provided a call, you can quickly call the studio and ask for everything you want. You can even set an appointment for your tattoo through the call. This is the most convenient and easy way to contact a tattoo artist.


Contacting a cosmetic tattoo artist can be a little challenging as they are busy, and it is hard for them to respond to their clients. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the easy ways through which you can contact your tattoo artist. However, Primitive Tattoos have different numbers that you can quickly call and will answer all your queries. You can even book appointments on call and save yourself from the struggle of visiting the studio.