A tattoo consultation is the first step towards getting your tattoo. It generally takes around 15 minutes for the discussion between the client and the artist. The purpose is to exchange important information which prepares both parties for the tattoo appointment.

Is he/she right tattoo artist for you?  

While requesting for consultation, it is important to know which artist you are interested in seeing. We strongly advise that you check out the artist’s portfolio. You will definitely want to choose an artist who has an excellent line work and tattoo jobs that have been executed properly. Though the most important thing is to make sure that you like their work and what they design. Their style and artistic ability should complement what you want; for instance, asking an artist who specializes in skulls and daggers to create a very detailed photo-realistic image isn’t going to work out. Ideally, you’ll want to choose an artist who has the kind of work you are looking for in their portfolio.
If you are still undecided, you might want to chat with the front desk staff since they see a lot of tattoos and all the artists working every day. Tell them what you want and they will definitely help you out since people at the front desk know a lot more than people give them credit for and so their recommendation is often spot on!

Important Things to Discuss

The most important thing to discuss during the consultation is what you want. Show the artist the type of tattoo you want and where you want it. Also, consider other aspects of the process like healing, medicines, upcoming surgeries or past ones, personal concerns, and allergies, etc. If you are interested in bringing a friend along ask them about it.

Finally, Booking a Tattoo Appointment

Once the consultation ends, you have the option of booking an appointment to get the tattoo on your body. Most tattoo artists will require a small upfront payment so that you are committed to turning up for the scheduled appointment. However, before you finalize the appointment it is important for both parties to negotiate the price and then book if you are happy with it.

At Primitive, we assist you with a free consult, all you have to do is either call us on 08-92218585, email us to tattoo@primitivetattoo.com , message us on messenger or fill the form on the website (image below)

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