Primitive Tattoo shop is different by design. We wanted to create a tattoo shop that never cuts corners. One of the premier tattoo shop in Perth, our tattoo shop is a positive and inviting arena for all of your tattooing and piercing needs. We work our best to make you proud of the tattoo or piercing you walk out with, as well as make sure that you will come back for more. We have been providing tattoo service since 1998, and take pride on our endeavor. Primitive tattoo artists have decades of hands-on experience, and maintain the highest standards of quality and hygiene at our studio.

Led by one of the best tattoo artist Marc Pinto, Primitive tattoo shop reflects a more of personal artistic direction along with adhering to traditional and classical tattoo ideals. Marc not only lead the team but also guides the newcomers by shares his decades of experience. Primitive tattoo look forward to make your tattoo art attractive, and original while striving to make your experience an enjoyable one.

Our Tattoo Shop is a well known and outstanding place for custom design tattoos. Whether it is a small tattoo, or a custom piece that requires a few sessions, we make it a point to come up with amazing artworks. Over the last decade or so, we have grown in popularity and home to highly talented artists. Our style runs the gamut from fine portraits to old school adaptations and even custom ideas.

At Primitive Studio, our mission is to blend the past and future of tattoo as an art, and strive to advance the art form. We remain focused on quality and integrity. Our core values and unparalleled dedication has shaped us into the best tattoo shop in Perth, as of we are today.

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